Morairty Resource Manager

Signal Resource Manager

Moriarty Signal Resource Manager

The Moriarty Signal Resource Manager provides SIGINT systems developers and integrators with a single interface to all their signal acquisition and distribution resources. 

Moriarty provides a standardized interface to any of a wide set of receivers (from vendors such as DRS, Midwest Microwave, DTA, etc.), other SDR systems, DF assets and data recording. All resource command and control is through a standard network interface, or through a RedHawk component interface. All data transfers are through VITA-49 streams over TCP/IP or through a RedHawk ORB.

Moriarty Deployment
Moriarty provides a unified interface between applications and signal resources. 

Moriarty allows SIGINT systems designers and users to move away from a stovepipe deployment paradigm. Using Moriarty SIGINT applications can be deployed as software applications, with resource command and control, data recording and data acquisition management being abstracted away from the actual application.

Moriarty supports a number of standard data transfer formats including VITA-49, TNG compliant JICD 4.x, DCGS-A/N etc. This allows data exchanges with a variety of applications.

Most networked signal receivers provide data over UDP streams, which are unreliable, need huge amounts of compute horsepower for high speed management, and provide only expensive data sharing mechanisms (such as broadcast or multi-cast packets). Moriarty provides a UDP to TCP bridge with the ability to stream the same data to multiple users. 

Moriarty also includes a powerful data recording and playback facility. This eliminates the need for a separate data recorder for each application and/or sensor interface. Data is recorded to a standard file system in either a MARTES format, or one that is proprietary to Morairty, but allows for more flexibility.

Moriarty is a configurable software suite that supports a large variety of standard SIGINT resources. Others can be added as and when required.

Stovepipe vs. Moriarty Deployment
   Classic Stovepipe Deployment                                                                       Moriarty

Classic Stovepipe deployment requires a replication of resources for each application. Moriarty allows each application to be developed as a standalone software module, using any available resources. Resources can be shared between applications, applications can be hosted on an as required basis, and individual system resources such as receivers can be added or upgraded at will.

Moriarty allows SIGINT applications to be receiver and data recorder agnostic, hence reducing the time to deployment and cost of applications needed to handle various signals of interest.
Resources Supported by Moriarty

Moriarty supports a variety of receivers and transmitters from vendors such as D-TA, DRS, Midwest Microwave, etc. Moriarty also supports the SIGINT Systems BlackCat, BlackCat-X and Tiger systems.

Moraiarty includes wide and narrowband data recording of either raw data from the receivers, or processed data from the BlackCat and Tiger Systems.