SIGINT Systems, LLC offers a number of standard products aimed at RF Signal Survey, Detection, Classification, Collection and Distribution.

All SIGINT Systems, LLC products are software-centric and scalable. They can be hosted on a variety of hardware platforms, including a number of commonly used receivers, processing platforms and operating systems.

All products can be configured to handle multiple simultaneous sensor interfaces of different bandwidths and frequency ranges by merely changing the host hardware.

All SIGINT Systems, LLC products are network centric with direct integration interfaces that offer compatibility with different standards such as:

  • VITA-49 RF/IF streaming
  • TNG compatibility
  • DCGS-A/N compatibilty
  • RedHawk compliant interfaces for other applications that may want to communicate, or share data with the SIGINT Systems' system.

The software nature of SIGINT Systems, LLC products makes it relatively easy for us to rapidly customize these offerings for a particular application. 
BlackCat is a wideband Signal Survey and Intercept system that provides:

Signal activity detection
Signal Bandwidth Estimation
Signal Classification
Signal Extraction and Distribution
Data Recording and Playback
Signal Distribution

BlackCat -X offers the same functions as BlackCat but is configurable and scalable and meant for deployment in a clustered or tactical environments.

Moriarty is a Networked Resource Manager that offers a single networked interface to a variety of sensor processing resources such as receivers, other processing systems, data recording and playback functions, DF engines etc.

Moriarty allows you to develop applications independent of the receiver or other data resource, with Moriarty providing the required command and control middleware. All resource command and control is over a unified TCP/IP-based interface.  All Moriarty data output is  VITA-49 streams over TCP/IP sockets. A RedHawk compliant interface is also available (for both resource control and data transfers).

Tiger is a wideband N-channel DF and beamforming system that can be used in conjunction with BlackCat, BlackCat-X or other external systems.
Lynx is a family of wideband RF data recorders. Unlike other such data recorders, most of which are tied to receivers from a single vendor, Lynx supports a wide range of receivers. This allows you to standardize a data recorder across all your applications, and also choose the best receiver for your job, without having to also buy new data recorders. Lynx also supports a number of different ADC and DAC units for direct sampling applications.
The Leopard and Jaguar are a family of 3-D vector sensors for ELF/VLF (Leopard) and HF (Jaguar) collection and DF. Leopard and Jaguar systems are capable of atmospheric noise limited performance with instantaneous bandwidth that encompasses the entire wideband.

Leopard instantaneous bandwidth is 1 Hz to 10 kHz for ELF and 10 kHz to 300 kHz for VLF.

Jaguar instantaneous bandwidth is 1.8 Mhz to 30 MHz and is capable of collecting and performing DF on both ground and sky waves, including NVIS.

The Leopard VLF and Jaguar HF system are capable of DF from a single sensor.