Signal Survey 
and Intercept 

BlackCat Signal Survey and Intercept System

The SIGINT Systems' BlackCat is a powerful signal survey and intercept system. BlackCat is a configurable, scalable software based system that offers a vast range of signal survey collection, survey and intercept functions.

What sets BlackCat apart from other similar systems is the fact that it is completely hardware agnostic. BlackCat supports a variety of receivers from different vendors, and can be hosted on a variety of different compute platforms.

BlackCat is also scalable in terms of numbers of channels being processed, channel bandwidths etc.

This gives users the flexibility to tailor the BlackCat to a configuration best suited to their application. 

BlackCat Functions
The BlackCat system offers the following functionality:

  • Signal collection in both scan and stare mode
  • Activity Detection and bandwidth estimation
    • Supports a vast range of activity detection and masking parameters
    • Activity logs are maintained as tab separated text files that can be imported into other applications
  • Modulation Recognition
  • Voice Activity Detection
    • Streaming of voice grade channels to audio clients
  • Narrow band signal extraction
    • Supports a large number of narrowband tuners each with independent tuning frequency and bandwidth 
  • Narrow band signal distribution over VITA-49 streams
  • Data recording and playback
    • Records all wide and narrowband data
  • DF when equipped with a suitable DF head
  • Customer programmable threads that allow for inclusion of other system functions
  • Operation from mission files that require minimum operator input
    • Mission lists allow different configurations to be run at different times
  • Integration with other systems through TNG and DCGS compatibility
  • Networked operations that allow inclusion into the enterprise