Scalable, Configurable
Signal Survey and
Intercept System


The BlackCat-X is a configurable, scalable, clustered version of SIGINT systems, LLC's BlackCat Signal Survey and intercept system.

The BlackCat-X consists of a set of configurable networked modules that can be deployed on a heterogeneous cluster of processing nodes. This gives end-users the flexibility to tailor BlackCat-X to meet their mission requirements, as well as their SW&P constraints.

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BlackCat-X Functionality
The BlackCat-X system offers the following functional modules:
  • Signal Survey in both scan and stare mode
  • Activity detection and bandwidth estimation
  • Signal Modulation Recognition
  • Voice Activity Detection
  • Narrowband signal extraction
  • Signal distribution over VITA-49 streams

BlackCat-X modules are written using an underlying socket framework. This allows BlackCat-X to be distributed across a cluster of processing nodes. The number and types of processing threads that can be invoked are controlled by system administrator using a configuration GUI, leading to a scalable, configurable system.

The BlackCat-X system supports a number of different receiver types and can be operated with directly attached receivers or through the SIGINT Systems' Moriarty Resource Manager.

Download BlackCat-X Information
BlackCat-X in a Heterogeneous Cluster